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Taking the Next Step With Our SFF Klotz Design

Hey everyone,

Here's a small update regarding our SFF Klotz to keep everyone in the loop. Since our last blog post we've shared our design concept with the community on Instagram, Reddit, and the SFF.Network forum. We've gotten a ton of very helpful feedback from you so far, so here's a big thank you to everyone who's contributed!

So, what's changed and what's the current status of the project?

Well, since there were some concerns regarding the placement of the IEC C14 power inlet possibly interfering with larger air coolers we've decided to move it farther down, next to the GPU. This makes the installation of the GPU slightly more cumbersome, but eliminates any fitment issues with larger coolers for the CPU. Though we're still going to have to evaluate how big the impact will be in regards to the compatibility of taller GPUs.

We've also changed the attachment method of the front plate from screws to magnets and SSDs are now mounted directly to the chassis instead of using an extra bracket. This should make general hardware installation and changing out components much quicker and easier. An optional ATX PSU bracket has been added to the design as well. While we recommend using an SFX or SFX-L power supply, you'll now also have the option to use an ATX PSU instead, though, with some restrictions. Using an ATX PSU will limit your graphics card length clearance to roughly 220mm and restrict your CPU cooling to a 120mm radiator or an air cooler.

And lastly, we've now designed the front section to allow us to offer an all-aluminum front panel down the road for those that aren't as interested in the wood panel.

With those changes implemented, we've decided to send our design to a manufacturer for evaluation and price quotes. Hopefully, we'll have some more news about that soon :)


Alessandro & Joshua

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July 8, 2020
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July 8, 2020
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